Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gone but not Forgotten !

First of all, my condolences to the families of Brandon Yeoh, Goh Yi Zhang , Cheah Zi Jun, Wang Yong Xiang , Jason Chng and beloved teacher -- Mr Lim Aik Siang.
These good people, passed away in a tragic dragon boat incident and are now being laid to rest.

Everybody in SMJK Chung Ling was in grief for losing 5 academically active students and a very good teacher. The atmosphere in Chung ling has been depressing for as long as 2 days and has yet to recover from its depression since the tragic incident.

I walked passed 4SA4 today. 4SA4 was being awfully quite.I saw students lying on their respective tables sighing with their heads down. Dull and sad was best to describe the class now. A few chrysanthemum flowers lay atop the deceased table which was empty, I am sure that no one would be sitting at that very table for some time from now on.

Many of my friends tried to bottle up their sad emotions from showing, some of them just couldnt help it and cried. Many still in school unable to accept reality , still unable to accept that their friends have passed away.

Anonymous : It was just 3 days ago.. we were hanging out together at school for the exhibition day. We talked, laughed and ate together and now....... everything has changed he's..... he's gone.....

Hearing him say that was truly depressing, I felt very very sad for him. So as an ending ----- to all who were close to them, to the families who loved them and even to the ones who didnt know them that well, KEEP IN MIND that, thou they may be gone from our lives, they STILL LIVE ON IN OUR HEARTS AND REMEMBERED BY ALL !!

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