Saturday, September 25, 2010

CLHS Interact Club Installation Day 2010

Haha, I was MC for this event !
( btw, if any of you out there need a guy MC call me up ! Will be happy to help ! )
CLHS Installation had an okay turn-out but compared to
PCGHS Interact Club's Installation, we lost by around 90 people +.+
Anyway, OC's ! Organising Committee of this event !

The day went very well, had band performances by
Past Times And Tragedies
Black Tie republic

there were rapping performances, a short breakdancing performances

and also they had this Magician to come up on stage to perform a magic act
to match the Installation theme of WIZARDY

haha random extra picture =D
before the event started ....

the cool maze we had !
it was awesome cos ppl ACTUALLY got lost in it ! hahaha
laugh at the fools !

Rehearsal for the BTR

OH ! My BIOLOGY TEACHER / CLHS Interact Club Teacher Advisor !

The 2 rappers of the day ! haha!

People start coming in !
This is the registration counter

Entrance to the maze !

NOW THIS IS SCARY ........................
Black Tie Republic !The crowd goes wild for BTR !!

The people go wild for PAST TIMES AND TRAGEDIES

PTAT PERFORMS ! sorry didnt get a pic of PTAT, was busy : [

Questionnaire time !

HAHA GOT ALL 4 BADGES ! haha who wants the red one cos I
cant find a place to put it !

Guess thats all ! still sorry for not getting more pics ! was busy ! : [
well till next time !
Stay tuned readers !

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