Monday, September 13, 2010

Video Music Awards 2010 !

THE VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS 2010 is premiering today IN MALAYSIA
On Astro Channel 713 , MTV !
At 10.oo p.m TODAY !

One of the many performing will be the 16 year-old pop singer
*drumrole starts*

Justin Bieber !!
(and the crowd goes silent ..... haha)

Lady Gaga will also be performing
lets see what she has wearing this time up on stage :

Oh and also Taylor Swift !
Looks like she has a special song for Kanye West this time,
and I don't think this country girl is gonna let Kanye snatch her mic away from her
this time too!

ahh, sad sad times, look at Kanye as he stupidly snatches away Taylor's mic...
sigh, poor Taylor
hmmm, I just love this shot =D
*stares at it once more*

Well, I seriously cant find anything else to blog bout nowadays cos my comps down,
using old one right now....
the uploadings are seriously slooooooow : [

so till my next blog post :

YEAR 2010's

Do stay tuned to for everything
Awesome and Random

=D smiles !

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  1. hate Bieber, hate taylor, hate 8 awards given away to one singer, but I don't hate VMAs. At least I hate their singing


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