Sunday, September 19, 2010

PCGHS Interact Club Installation Day

PCGHS Insteract Club Installation Day
Held at the Wawasan Open University's Auditorium !
(freakin awesome)
on the 6th of September !

the entire thing was very presentable
and haha the seats in the auditorium were
very very very very comfy ! just like those theatre seats haha
well took me awhile to load this pics up so do enjoy !

Took this pic myslef ! I love the pic ! makes the university look soo breath-takingly beautiful
this was the auditorium =D
btw, the entire auditorium was packed so I guess it was a success ?

The 2 MC's for the day !
Rachel and Tasha !

They had a DJ booth ! Sweeet !

There were many performers that day
for example Insanity Chicken Floss and many many more

One of the person from 'Chicken Floss'

( whats with your face Randy XD )

More CLHS Guys !

I HAVE more pics but I'm too lazy to load them up ==
just posting for the sake of posting this blog post =D
and yea i didnt take any pics of more people cos my batt ran out early ...sad
anyway CLHS Interact Club Installation Day Blog Post
is coming up next !
stay tuned !

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