Saturday, September 25, 2010

Katy Perry On Sesame Street ! ELMO IS SOO CUTE !

Haha, Katy Perry was featured on sesame street !
( BTW, I still like elmo ! )
( you just dont find many cute red furry monsters on TV nowadays anymore : [ )

And Hey !
I cant believe I've watched this back then when I was in Singapore....
they didnt have celebrities back then on the show
and I cant believe this show is still showing...

But anyway,
Sesame Street is still lil' kids show so i guess Katy here should cover up her
( I think you know what and where I'm talking about sooo...)
Lets just say cover up a little more shall we ? haha

Anyway, Katy here is entertaining kids with her singing
I guess theres no wrong in that : ]

The videos cute, so have fun watchin ! ^^

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