Saturday, December 04, 2010

1st Avenue

Havent been to 1st Avenue yet ?
Well, to
ya'll have-not-been-there-yets
heres a look at whats what and wheres what in 1st Avenue,
the newest mall on
Penang Island.

1st Avenue Mall spreads over seven levels, from Lower Ground to Fourth Floor, and on the Eighth Floor. The fifth to seventh floors are taken up by the car parks. The eighth floor, billed Cloud Eight, has an open viewpoint of the city of George Town.

So where does the name 1st Avenue come from ?
The name "1st Avenue" is actually derived from Magazine Road, which is known as the first avenue or street in the Seven Streets Precinct of George Town.

Lets start of with the
car park... wanna look at the inside of 1st Avenue,
you can either skip this entire boring thing and just
scroll down to the bottom =]

and as I was saying~ the
carpark !
the floors are painted ! Just like those squeaky clean floors you see in
if you've been to
IKEA in KL, you'll definitely know what i mean
cos these floors are SHINY !! I love shiny !

The transparent elevator door and elevators they have, lifts are located on the outside, so you can see the busy roads down below. Transparent stuff makes things soo high-techy
doncha think ? haha

The atrium, where there is a promotion going on for
NERF products - plastic toy replicas of guns, which actually work
and shoots foam darts.
They are really awesome if you see them up close,
they are like real working guns,
its just that they fire deadly foam bullets, having foam dart/ammo
and are made outta your no-help-to-the-
environment PLASTIC =.=

The interior design of the mall
the design of the mall makes the entire mall
look edgy, kinda in-style and very awesome

NERF Stuff

Theres Sushi King, RotiBoy (where they sell buns and stuff and has a long queue line all the time),
Parkson,Kenny Rogers
REDBOX !! KARAOKE !! and a few clothing stores there.
A Dome cafe will also be there after they finish renovating and stuff but except for that, the mall still needs more shops and stalls to make it more interesting.Maybe a bookstore, more cafe's, oh and dont forget a cinema !

OH and I
almost forgot,
they have a sushi king at 1st Avenue and they were having a promotion :

See that big Screen there, it wasnt turned on the day i got there =[

There will be a skybridge linking up 1st Avenue and
Prangin Mall, its just that its not finished yet, haha still a work in progress.

With 1st Avenue linking up with Prangin Mall and Prangin Mall
linking up with Komtar, i guess that makes it a MEGA MALL with these 3 malls connected ? XP

I'll say that 1st Avenue still needs lotta work so im lookin forward to more of its changes
and upgrades in the future.

Till then, cya !
Darren signing off !

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