Thursday, December 02, 2010

Penang Island Having One Mall Too Many ?

my friend said that Island Plaza, Midlands and Bukit Jambul was built before
Prangin Mall, but why does Prangin Mall look soo much older ?
anyway, lets just assume what my friend said was true, just rearrange
those mall sequence in your head or something haha,
dont feel like retyping the entire blog post =]

Penang ! Food Heaven ! Shopping Heaven too ??
I did some MALL Research, cos i was too bored,
these are the malls we have on Penang island, placed in a sequence from oldest to newest.

Komtar and its mall, and right now has a newly added Pacific Komtar

And next is Prangin Mall, which links to the Komtar Mall

oh and now we have The Bukit Jambul Complex.
I'm not really sure if this mall comes before Prangin Mall or not but
all i know is that its still a functioning mall, not much to do there, unless you
wanna bowl, or at least i think that theres a bowling alley there =]
Midlands(pic below) , still has book fairs from time to time but except for that everything there is almost dead now.
I'm not really sure where to put this mall in this 'sequence of malls'
so i guess I'll just put it here =]
moving on ....
and now we have Island Plaza.
I.P has a newly added cinemax featuring only 3D movies.
Still a great place for cuppa coffee,groceries, shopping for clothes and stuff like that.

and now we have the 2nd largest mall on Penang Island !
Gurney Plaza !
With its
708,000 sq ft of shopping awesomeness, it sure is a great place to go
have fun, catcha movie or maybe just plain hang out.
For a guy living in the Tg Bungah area, I would very much prefer coming to this mall,
its soo much nearer compared to The Queensbay Mall, which is on the other side of the island from where I'm standing.
and now to the longest mall here on Penang Island,
(also in Asia i think hehe)
and also the biggest mall in penang .... *drumrole starts*
Queensbay mall !
Great place for... well... almost anything !
bookshops, cinema, food, leisure, clothes etc etc...everythings there!

Enough of that, now we have :
Penang Times Square,
which is creepily quiet.
*cricket chirps*
not much to do there, and by not much, i really mean NOT MUCH.
Think 15 0r 16 occupied shoplots, now thats what i meant by not much haha.
Straits Quay
never been there, cant describe its awesomeness

1st Avenue
I've just been to this mall, will give you the details on my next post =]
this mall here is also linked to KOMTAR.
so i guess if you add up komtar, prangin mall and 1st avenue it turns into

after all those malls you've seen,
you might think : hey, why DO we need that many malls in penang anyway ??
haha, before you continue wondering why,
heres another mall thats gonna make its way to Penang next year

oh nevermind, you'll know when you the real thing.

The entire construction project is still in progress and its just right next to Gurney Plaza, you cant miss it. unless ur blind ... == no off

al fresco dining .. ooo fancy

anyway as I was saying, isnt Penang Island having one too many malls already ??
I dunno bout you but i think that 10 malls is more than enough..
wonder whats next after the Gurney Paragon... more malls ?!

the more the malls, the faster my pockets are gonna empty haha,
till next time people, byee !!

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  1. The paranomic photography of Queensbay Mall is by Mr Les Chang, who passed away in 2008. You should not be using another person"s copyright photo as you pleased without permission. Please give credits to the photos as it is duly due. Uphold integrity in your blogging and I am sure you will hold better audiences and credibility. Advice from a stranger in passing.


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