Saturday, December 18, 2010

Straits Quay - Christmas Candyland

Straits Quay !
The second newest mall on Penang Island after the 1st Avenue mall,
located close to Tanjung Tokong or Island Plaza.

They say its prettier at night...
I went there at night and I didnt regret one bit ! haha!

Here, we have Straits Quay all lighted up and ready for Christmas
with its Christmas theme -CANDYLAND !!
weeee~ CANDY !

Pretty huh ? sure is~

The Straits Quay Christmas Tree
you'll see big ol choco bars and candy sticks, lined up by the side
of the open air area of SQ with the Xmas tree in the middle.
Great for taking pics with !

Ice Cream seller from a Swensens ice-cream stall !
( too bad the Swensens Restaurant isnt open at SQ yet... )
And now we go inside the Straits Quay Mall.
At first i thought that SQ here is an open-air bazaar...
boy was i wrong...

The SQ Mall, fully air conditioned on the inside.
There aren't many stores in SQ yet but there are a few restaurants
which you have never seen in Penang opened already.
(I forgot what the names of these unique restaurants were,
so you'll have to be there to see for yourself haha)

Soon-to-be-open stores and restaurants are
Switch and Swensens just to name a few.

On the other hand...the Restaurants which are already open are
Subway, Secret Recipe, Cheeky Duck ( serving duck of course), Dome
and many many more !

Here are the pics of SQ... on the inside !
Christmas Carolers !

The Straits Quay Atrium

One of the Straits Quay Corridors
I was by the seaside...

sorry for the blury pic, but this is what Straits Quay looks like at night.
SQ Mini Stage, where a Christmas Sketch is gonna be performed.

Guess thats all the pictures I have,
for those who have not been to SQ yet,
I highly recommend this place to you avid picture takers out there,
becuase the view of SQ at night is truly breath-taking,
SQ is also a great place for you to have a nice stroll and feel the cool
sea breeze at night.

So this is good bye for now !
I will be back for a new blog entry next weekend ! Stay tuned !
Cya ! ^^

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