Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rolls Royce ! *stares*

The breaks on the Peugeot are loose again
looks like its another visit to the service centre .... again ==

It was borrrring there, took the guy like *counting* 3 hours to repair the breaks
and give the car a tune-up.

and this guys starts fixing

(2 hrs later)
he's still at it, fixing away~

( 1 hr later )
gahhhh, he's still at it ... whens he gonna finish anyway... *yawn* *zzzzz*

Anywaay, guess what i saw ! A ROLLS ROYCE !
Rolls Royce cars cost up to saaay, 400,000 USD ? and its here ?!
wooo shiny rims , they say the rims dont turn with the wheels,
it stays in place like this when the car's moving, cool eh ?

Lets go take a closer look shall we ?
The interior :

Letsee whats under the hood too :

whoa, nice ~~~

I tooks this pic while the driver was away haha,
good thing he didnt see me or shoo me away or stuff like that
thats all the pics I have soo I guess thats it...
bye for now !

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