Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bored once again

Random thought : Sometimes i wonder if im having ADHD, cant sit still sometimes.....
Anyways, this CNY has been disastrous (cos i was bored ). Its like yea i talk to my relatives and all but what the hell am i suppose to do after that?! It seems to me that every year we celebrate Chinese New Year, and i think that it gets duller every single time ! And yea I hate to complain cos I'm Chinese, gotta keep up the tradition ... but it gets seriously BORING when you've met all ur relatives. I found ways to occupy my time and my boredom always seem to result in one thing this year, FIRE ! ( call me childish or whatever I don't mind cos I was really really REALLY bored )

After Burn attempt 1 : you can still see the whole car

whats left of the car after 3rd burning attempt

Whats left of the car after 15 minutes later after 5th burning attempt
I reread the entire percy jackson Series, Watched TV for a very long time, swim.... and i guess thats basically everything i did this holiday. I should start hitting the books after today, don't wanna get a C for Chemistry or anything. Well I'll stop here now, BYE !! ^.^

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