Sunday, February 07, 2010

If I Was A DJ ....

If i was a DJ .... hmm wonder what it would be like ....if i was a DJ it would like fit my name cos im like Darren O. Junyan and it would be D and the J and makes up DJ. XP
Think it would be freakin awesome being DJ, i would be like talking and playing music, and talkin ... did i mention more talkin cos dats practically the only thing that you'll be doing the most.

And hey ! I would do something like this :

Mwaha !! yea it would be soo awesome .... YOU KNOW WHATS EVEN BETTER ?? HAVING UR OWN RADIO STATION !! YEA ! Then you can do anything because YOU ARE THE BOSS !

I'll keep on dreaming .....
and you know .... i am seriously bored so thats why I posted this XD
OK, post something REALLY random again in my next post, BYE !!

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