Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pickled heart

 Hey hey again ! : ]
 Ah ... Chinese New Year is tomorrow !! And so is Valentines Day !! Here wishin all the people out there a very very Prosperous and Happy Chinese New Year and A very very Romantic Valentines day : ] hopin everyone gets lotsa 'Ang Pau's ' as a fresh start for CNY !!

                    Speaking of Valentines day with the hearts and the love and all that mooshy stuff : p
look what made its way to my Double Cheese Burger during lunch at Mcdonalds  !!

Waha !! A Pickled Heart !! : ]

Heh, thats somthing you don't see everyday. Hmmm, I think i'll go search for some more
heart shaped food now XP
I'll Post it here if I see anything more 

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