Thursday, February 11, 2010

Revolting !! ICKY FROG !

          Heya : ] Darren here again and this time, time for a Gross out session XD
Okay, whenevah you see something dead / unalive / not living etc. i bet you'll say this : 'OH DAMN, WHAT THE F*** IS THAT ??? ' and you'll start guessing what in the world was the thing you just saw ( if its decomposed XP ) I bet it wont take you a minute to notice the flies surrounding it and all the ants crawling over it and all that gross stuff >.<
        Well this was what happened to me and my friend Shaun today. We were talking and stacking books in our Board of Monitors Booksales room for about 2 hours :

          We were then freakin tired after all that and soo we decided to STOP. We rested and after that we locked the room. The books were EXTREMELY dusty so Shaun went to wash his hands, and at that moment when he was washing his hands he said ' hey Darren, is that what i think it is ' So i came to him ad saw this in the drain beside the tap:

          I was like What the hell ... is that a frog ??? And i took a closer look, heh i was curious so what the heck, go closer i shall, so this was what i saw : 

 OH MY!!! WTF !!! OMFG !!!! WTH !!! DAMNIT !!! AHHHHH MY EYES !!! UGHHHH !!! THAT IS SOOO WRONG IN SOO MANY WAYS !! OH SHIT !! DAMNIT !!! OHOHOHOH THIS SUCKS !!!....... erh herm.... and now i'm over it : ]
wasn't that revolting ??? yea...... of all the weird things i see in my school .... this has a rating of number three because i have seen weirder and sick-er. Ugh this is sooo wrong, i should really stop talking bout this dead frog T.T I'm such a bad person..... well .... till next time ...... bye ......

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